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15/09/2017 · A headache on the left side could be caused by a migraine. Migraines affect 12 percent of people in the United States and are more common in women than men. Migraines are characterized by a severe headache, which may throb and is usually on one side of the head. Pain may begin around the eye or temple and then spread across the head. Pain in Left Temple of Head – Common Conditions. At rimes the left temple ache can become severe in nature. The home remedies you opt for may not give you long lasting solution. Hence the pain tends to recur frequently. In such cases you need to get yourself diagnosed for the probable disease or disorder.

Temple Pain on the Left Side: Causes and Treatments. It is very common for people to experience pain in their left temple of the head and this ailment actually sends a good number of people to the emergency room every year. One-sided headaches caused by tension usually respond well to over-the-counter pain medication and relaxing. Sometimes, the pain extends from the temple to behind the eye, which is known as a cluster headache. Temporal arteritis occurs when the temporal artery is inflamed, causing a left temple headache along with loss of appetite and a tender. Dull throbbing or sharp pains on the left side of your head can affect your left temple, top of your head, or base of your skull. Left side head pain can be caused by lack of sleep, feeling hungry, being under stress, or irritated nerves in your head. Pain in the left temple of your head has many causes. The Mayo Clinic states that while most headaches and pains are minor, some types can be caused by serious, underlying health problems. If you experience head pain that has no apparent cause or pain that worsens over time you should seek medical attention immediately.

The sensations of pain are aggravated by impending magnetic storms, physical, mental or emotional overstrain. In such cases, pain in the left temple is inherently oppressive, pulsating. Most of all, it is felt in the temporal or occipital region. Infectious diseases such as sore throat, flu, ARVI and others can also cause the appearance of. Causes of migraine may include hormone fluctuations, alcohol intake, food intolerance and anxiety. The migraine pain normally builds up over an hour before it reaches the maximum. Migraine does not occur suddenly, there is some sort of warning or prodrome before the sharp pain in temple or head is felt. 27/09/2012 · A weird pressure with tingling at the left temple of my head headache, temple pain, lower abdominal and lower back pain a Swollen temples issue pain in the left temple and tearing left eye Left Temple Lump! Swollen painful area above both ears, from front of temple tacross to base of neck. Puffy and painfu Constant pain in left temple Pressure. Pain in the posterior region of the head when bending over is a characteristic of cough headaches. Sharp pain in the head, predominantly affecting both sides of the head, can be caused when suffering from severe cold and cough. The head pain may influx suddenly, and.

13/09/2018 · The takeaway. Feeling a pulse in your temple is normal. If you feel throbbing pain in your temples, chances are it’s a headache, and is probably nothing to worry about as long as the pain doesn’t last over 15 days a month or interfere with your life.

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